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三坐標測量機驗收辦法 作者: 來源: 時間:2017-11-02 點擊次數:

三坐標測量機驗收辦法Acceptance Test for CMM


GB/T16857.2-2006《坐標測量機的驗收檢測和復檢檢測-第2 部分:用于測量尺寸的坐標測量機》(等同ISO 10360-2:2001);

Theacceptance tests on site by customer should follow this standard:

GB/T16857.2-2006, Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuringmachines

part2: CMMs used for measuring size (ISO 10360-2:2001, IDT).

1檢測項目 Tests Item:

1.1外觀及各部分的相互作用Appearance and function for each section

1.2計算機、打印機及軟件功能 Function of computer, printer and software

1.3探測誤差(P)Probing Error

1.4示值誤差(E)Error of indication for size measurement

2檢測方法Tests method:

檢測前測量機應通電24 小時以上。

TheCMM should keep the status of ?power on? over 24 hours.


Checkby eye to confirm the appearance is OK and operate the CMM to confirm each

sectioncan work well.


Checkthe function of computer, printer and software by relevant analytic program.

2.3探測誤差(P)的檢測 Test Probing Error (P):

在直徑不小于10mm 不大于50mm 的檢測球上,用長度符合廠商規定的探針,隨意選擇探針的方位,觸測25 個點,各點在半球上的分布盡量均勻,用全部25 個測量值計算出最小二乘球的中心,并計算出各點的徑向距離,最大徑向距離與最小徑向距離之差即為探測誤差(P)。應滿足給定的MPEP 值。

Aplaced test sphere, which has a diameter not less than 10 mm and not greaterthan 50 mm, is measured with 25 equally distributed points by a tip whoselength is stated by manufacturer. These 25 stochastic points should locate onarbitrary direction. Use all 25 measurements to compute the Least Squareassociated sphere. Calculate the distance between each of the 25 measurementsand the sphere center in the radial direction. The range of the 25 distances isMPEP. The actual measurement on site must be within the stated MPEP.


TestError of indication for size measurement(E):

2.4.1在坐標測量機的工作空間任選七個方位,每個方位測5 個尺寸的量塊,每個尺寸的量塊測量三次。即35 組測量長度總測量次數為105 次。計算105 個長度測量的誤差值△ L,應滿足給定的坐標測量機長度測量的示值誤差MPEE值。

Choose7 different positions within the CMM measuring volume and measure a set of 5sizes gauge block at each position. Each size is measured 3 times, so can get atotal of 105 measurements in 35 groups. Calculate △ L-the error of this 105length measurements. All of them must be within the specified MPEE.

2.4.235 組測量長度中,允許最多有5 組,其三次重復測量中有一次超出規定的MPEE 值,對每個超差的測量長度,應在相應的方位再測10 次,如10 次復測得到的所有長度測量的誤差值△ L 均在MPEE 值內,則示值誤差(E)的檢測被通過。

Inthe 35 groups of data, 5 groups of data at most can be permitted to have 1 ofthe 3 measurements over the stated MPEE value. If such case occurs, for eachoversized measurement, it should be measured again at the same position for 10more times. If all of the new 10 measurements? errors of △ L are within MPEEvalue, the verification for E is passed.

2.4.3上述測量中探針長度應符合廠商規定,量塊最短長度不應大于30mm;量塊最大長度至少是坐標測量機工作空間對角線最大長度的66%,如超過1m 時,則用1m 量塊。

Thelength of probe tip above-mentioned is stated by manufacturer. The minimumlength of gauge block should be shorter than 30mm and the maximum length shouldbe longer than 66% of the maximum cater-corner length of CMM?s working volume.The maximum length of block should be 1m if the value calculated is longer than1m.



Buyershould check and accept the CMM according to the tests report, packing list

andcontract. If tests result is OK, the representatives of both sides should signon the

AcceptanceReport. If disagreements occur, settlement through amicable negotiation

betweenthe two parties is advocated. Any unsettled problem should be recorded in

memorandumto help both sides to look for further settlement.

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